FLOS florists are our dream come true to be even closer to our customers. For years we have engaged mainly in wholesale, but today we can say that we are rightly proud of our 12 florist studios that bring elegance, originality and creativity to floral design in Slovakia.

For every

At FLOS we are able to translate feelings and emotions into the language of flowers. After all, what would be Christmas without decorations of twigs, Valentine’s Day without roses, International Women’s Day without a bouquet, Easter without daffodils, first date without a floret?


Our florists participate in regular trainings and collaborate with leading European florists. You can hence rely on them when choosing bouquets for joyful as well as sad moments.

Gifts and home decorations

In addition to flowers, each home can become much more cozy with suitably selected decorations that may well serve as a great additional gift. We offer beautiful photo frames, scented candles, sculptures, as well as handmade pottery.