Where does FLORA come from?

Flowers are sometimes referred to as flora. The term is even known by children in primary schools. However, only few know where the term FLORA comes from originally. Flora is one of the oldest Roman goddesses whose cult was introduced by Titus Tatius in the early years of the founding of Rome. Although she did not feature among the leading deities in Roman mythology, she became the symbol of the coming of spring. In the period between April 28 and May 3 flower festivals known as "floralia" were celebrated to honor her as well as the arrival of spring.

Flora is considered the goddess of all flowers and gardens. It was said that if Flora touched a faded flower, it came to life and grew to be even more beautiful than before. The most famous representation in art includes the Farnese sculpture of Flora located in Naples, Italy (photo below) and a mosaic of ancient Pompeii depicting Flora touching flowers (cover photo).