Three plant record holders

...or 3 TOP interesting facts about flowers, of which you have hardly ever heard. Many of the currently known and ordinary flowers hide an interesting history, characteristics or features that may be surprising to many people. Our website offers many interesting facts, but today we will extend them a bit more.


In the 17th century, tulips, which were imported to the Netherlands from what is now Turkey, nearly caused an economic collapse. The price of tulips in 1637 reached astronomical heights and the value of a single flower exceeded 10 times the annual wage of an experienced craftsman. So a vase of tulips became more valuable than gold. "Tulipmania", or as Dutch say today "tulpenmanie", was also one of the first speculative economic bubbles.


Flowers of giant bamboos are truly rarely seen. It is not the height of a bamboo trunk but the fact that the bamboo blossoms only after about 65 to 120 years. Perhaps what is even more interesting is the fact that bamboo flowers appear on all bamboos at exactly the same time no matter in which corner of the world, the bamboo grows. Among other things, the bamboo can be also called an "extra organic plant". Its oxygen production and CO2 absorption is about 30% higher than in other plants. Bamboo holds one more record in the world. It is the fastest growing plant in the world. It can grow over 100 cm in 24 hours. The fastest recorded bamboo "dude" was the bamboo, which grew incredible 250 cm within 24 hours! Bamboos normally grow up to a 30 meter.


This plant, which can be found only in West Sumatra and in special ornamental gardens, is considered to be the biggest flower on the planet. Its corolla reaches a height of up to 3 meters! It is not only the largest, but also the most odorous flower in the world. Its English name carrion flower is a perfect metaphor.