Three plant record holders

... or 3 TOP interesting facts about flowers, of which you have hardly ever heard. Many of the currently known and ordinary flowers hide an interesting history, characteristics or features that may be surprising to many people. Our website offers many interesting facts, but today we will extend them a bit more.

Christmas flowers and plants

Many ornamental flowers and plants decorate our homes throughout the year. Every year, the upcoming Christmas holidays are not only an exceptional time of peace, but also an opportunity to decorate and adorn our homes with items in the spirit of Christmas. The magic of Christmas can be also enhanced with specific Christmas plants.

Where does FLORA come from?

Flowers are sometimes referred to as flora. The term is even known by children in primary schools. However, only few know where the term FLORA comes from originally. Flora is one of the oldest Roman goddesses whose cult was introduced by Titus Tatius in the early years of the founding of Rome. Although she did not feature among the leading deities in Roman mythology, she became the symbol of the coming of spring. In the period between April 28 and May 3 flower festivals known as "floralia" were celebrated to honor her as well as the arrival of spring.